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Stay Aware & Prevent Elderly Falls

Game of Falls is an entertaining and interactive app to educate older adults about fall risks within the home environment. Sharpen your brain, stay mindful in injury-prone situations, and stay safe at home!

Why Rely On Game Of Falls?

Encourage your elderly parents to maintain their independence, stay sharp, and have fun while practicing fall prevention in the elderly. Say hello to Game Of Falls!

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  • An interactive tool that unfolds through 50 fun exercises teaching you to avoid falls.

  • Reduces the chances of hospitalization and injury-related elderly falls in the home.

  • Cautions and creates awareness around external fall hazards to help with the prevention of falls in the elderly.

  • Older adults can self-manage and adapt their homes after gameplay.

  • Seamlessly review exercises sitting down in the comfort of your bed, chair, and table.

  • Challenges your brain with mental exercises for fall prevention in the elderly and so sharpens your mind.

What Are The Steps To Get Started With The Game?

  • 1

    Create an account
    To create an account, login using Facebook or Google.

  • 2
    Play the game
    The game will review potentially accident-prone areas around your house. Four presenters introduce you to potential scenarios where you choose from two options.

How Does Game Of Falls Prevent Elderly Falls?

Identifies Risks That Lead To Falls Faster

You gain an understanding of the kind of situations that cause falls in hospital, what to look for, and learn how to prevent the fall from occurring.

Activates Mental Alertness

With every scene, the game also specifies guidelines and rules that give people reason enough to stop, think, and consider their steps and prevent elderly falls.

Clearly Flags Accident-Prone Zones

After regular practice, prevention of falls in the elderly becomes easier as you learn home hazard detection, and how to avoid it.

Consistent, Regular Training

Play a simple and fun game that boosts mental energy and stimulates brain activity which helps enhance memory as you learn how to stay safe in your house.

Make your aging parent feel safe at home

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